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Stephanie McGanty
Owner & Instructor

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In the years of running Bellatrix and teaching foundational firearms courses, I have noticed a gap in our industry for women in their self-protection. Statistically, the majority of women will not conceal carry a pistol for self-defense, or take a physical self-defense course. However, the need for a foundation on self-protection remains, taking away the intimidation women feel towards being touched or handling a gun. Most women are not interested in firearms or traditional self-defense courses, so I wanted to create something that every woman or girl could learn and feel comfortable with. 

The true foundation of staying safe as a woman in today's society does not require lethal or physical force to begin. THRIVE is for every woman of all ages beginning at 15 years old, our young women  and girls must learn how to set physical and verbal boundaries. To understand how 'good girl' syndrome is a detriment to our personal safety. This course is 90 minutes long followed by Q & A, Stephanie will always remain after each event, to talk 1/1 with any woman who wishes to ask or discuss something privately. Some of the topics that come up can trigger trauma for some, or be very sensitive in nature. 

This course teaches the basis on our situational awareness from the feminine perspective, with scenarios catered to applicable, real life experiences. Learning more in depth on fight, flight, freeze, fawn and how it applies to daily life. 

Myth busting the garbage sold to women that is useless in self-protection, what non-lethal tools can you carry that actually work? If you decide you want to learn how to carry a gun or learn physical self-defense, what does the reality of learning that skill look like moving forward?

How do we prevent violence towards women? Learn stats on what is actually happening in our world that women experience on a daily basis in America. 

You can host your own THRIVE women's event in your home, church, work place, business or community in general. Sponsored slots from Bellatrix will always be available for women without the financial means to attend. 

The cost is $88.88 per attendee, registered through a link sent or via venmo. There are no refunds if an event is missed by an attendee. 

To contact Stephanie about a THRIVE event please see below.

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Based out of Dayton, OR

Tel: 503.347.8578

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