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To positively impact the narrative in the firearms industry surrounding women and training with firearms. 

Bellatrix Training LLC was founded with the calling to provide training for women and anyone else who want to learn pistol with a self-protection mindset. The primary focus is safety with firearms, the fundamentals and weapons manipulation. There have been very few options available to women nationally for good training on the fundamentals of pistol. This company was founded in 2021 due to the demand for a female instructor whom women of all ages can relate to. Courses are available for the absolute beginner on up to intermediate shooters who have some shooting experience on the fundamentals already. Bellatrix strives to provide a positive environment that builds confident shooters.


Choosing the name Bellatrix Training was purposeful. A business name feels very permanent like a tattoo, it has to have meaning and ‘feel’ just right. Bellatrix means ‘female warrior’ in Latin and is the 3rd brightest star in Orion’s Belt.


I am familiar with firearms (shotguns and rifles) but new to pistols and wanted to get some training before I developed bad habits.  I took an NRA Basic Pistol class that was very helpful but only left me looking for more ways to improve.  I found Bellatrix Training through my gun club membership and signed up for the Level I pistol class.  I could not be happier with my experience and the results.  In fact, I was so satisfied with the quality of the training I signed up for the Level II pistol class at the end of my Level I class.  Stephanie is passionate about improving her skills and passing along what she has learned to others.  She is also a very good instructor – taking the time to clearly explain and demonstrate the skills being taught and is excellent at providing feedback as a positive learning experience.  Stephanie also made the training safe, informative and fun.  I would not hesitate to recommend Bellatrix Training to family, friends and colleagues looking for firearms training."
- R. Moen

My friend and I took a Level 1 Pistol class with Stephanie and we absolutely loved it!  I have grown up around firearms and have done lots of target practice with my husband.  This was my first time taking a formal instructional course and my first time having a woman show me anything about how to shoot.  Stephanie made sure everyone was fully comfortable at each step before moving on to the next part of the course.  As someone who went into this class knowing safe gun handling practices, her high regard for safety put me at ease shooting along side others who weren't as familiar.  She is highly skilled and knowledgeable but also a great teacher – those don’t always go together but with Stephanie they do.  I was able to get good practice in the fundamentals and also learn a lot of new techniques to form good habits.  My husband will be joining me for the next class I take with Stephanie.  I came home talking his ear off about how amazing it was and can't wait to take another course.  I highly recommend a course with Bellatrix Training for everyone, regardless of your previous experience!"
- N. Smith

When I met Stephanie I had rarely held a pistol in my life. I truly was scared of handling a pistol and had head trips about whether I should or not. After taking level 0 and level 1 I felt a self empowerment inside that was not only flippin’ awesome but it made me want to learn more! Life has been busy and too much time has passed since I held a pistol and now I have a little bit of fear again. I am going to retake level 1 and then keep going at a good pace with level 2 and level 3 because Stephanie is incredibly encouraging, inspiring and never makes anyone feel stupid. I have so much respect for her with regards to her knowledge of pistols and her intense regard for safety.  It is because of this combination that I feel Stephanie stands out above other instructors I have researched.  My sweetheart, who is an experienced gun handler, also wants to join me in the latter level classes as he feels he can learn so much from Stephanie just by what I have shared."
- S. Clotfelter

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