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Bellatrix Training is currently offering four different levels of training courses. Everyone is welcome including men and youth 13-18 with a parent/ guardian in attendance. Private training is available for individuals as well as private groups. Training is currently based out of Sherwood, OR.

Cancellation Policy: There are no refunds for a course if a student cancels or does not show up to class. For special circumstances and unforeseen schedule issues the student might be allowed to move their registration to a different scheduled course. If you have any questions about this please contact us.



This class is a prerequisite for anyone new to pistols. The course covers: The basics about semi-automatic pistols, firearms safety, gear list must haves, shooting range prep, situational awareness, carry position options, and scenario-based discussions. There will be an opportunity for hands on experience to learn how to grip a pistol and choose one for your hand size. Students will build comfort with handling an unloaded firearm, implementing a three point safety check and technique for locking the slide to the rear as well. Bring: no gear needed - just bring a snack and a great attitude!


An introduction to handgun fundamentals from a defensive shooting mindset. The perfect course for the civilian who wishes to conceal carry. 
Fundamentals covered in this class: stance, grip, sight alignment/ sight picture, trigger press & follow through, holster draw, magazine changes and recoil management.  Assistance gearing up will be provided for students with less familiarity.  Class pace based on the performance of the students, we have a slow build up and move forward depending on the skillset of the group.
Bring: a semi-automatic pistol, 2-3 magazines, 200 rounds.



This course is being offered to students who have taken a Level I or equivalent type course. We spend a strong portion of the time drawing from the holster and students are welcome to draw from AIWB. The training focus is to build on the fundamentals with solid mechanics using semiautomatic pistols. Re-load's, malfunctions drills/ diagnosis, target transition (turreting), working accuracy at varying distance up to 25 yards, and shooting around barrels. Each course is tailored to the students that show up after assessing the collective skillset. We keep building the fundamentals, gain confidence with your handgun. Need 2-3 magazines, 250-300 rounds.


This course utilizes the fundamentals of handgun with a defensive shooting focus. We warm up by reviewing the fundamentals of handgun; stance, grip, sight alignment/ picture, trigger press, and follow through so I can vet the collective experience level. The drills will begin with accuracy, cadence drills and then progress to defensive shooting 3 - 10 yards. I pace the course based on the shooters. We will go over position changes, movement forward & backward, lateral movement and possible time of using cover/ concealment.
Bring: a semi-automatic pistol, 2-3 magazines, 250-300 rounds.

Women's Self Protection Workshop

This workshop is designed specifically for women to address common themes regarding women's self defense.

* Situational awareness, self-defense tools, concealed carry strategies (for all women's body types)

* Self defense tactics (intro to the spear system)

** Not a live fire course, classroom for the first 2 hour block followed by hands on self defense for 3 hours. Ladies can opt to observe instead of instead of physically participate. Young girls and women of all ages welcome. This course is all about empowerment and gaining life changing skills. 

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