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 Private training is available for individuals as well as private groups. 

Training is currently based out of Dayton, OR.

Cancellation Policy: There are no refunds for a course if a student cancels or does not show up to class. For special circumstances and unforeseen schedule issues the student might be allowed to move their registration to a different scheduled course. If you have any questions about this please contact us.

See the THRIVE tab below to learn about self protection events for women.


Foundation Pistol

This class is a prerequisite for anyone new to pistols. The course covers: The basics about semi-automatic pistols, firearms safety, gear list must haves, shooting range prep, situational awareness, carry position options, and scenario-based discussions. There will be an opportunity for hands on experience to learn how to grip a pistol and choose one for your hand size. Students will build comfort with handling an unloaded firearm, implementing a three point safety check and technique for locking the slide to the rear as well. Bring: no gear needed - just bring a snack and a great attitude!

Private Training

You can train with me privately 1/1 at the rate of $160 per hour with a 2 hour minimum. See course schedule to book or click the link below. This training is customized to your level of experience. I accept both brand new to handgun shooters as well as more experienced shooters. See my bio for more information on my teaching background, prior law enforcement as well as military train with me, civilians, stay at home mom's... I love teaching everyone. If you have a private group you want to book I will customize that price for you. e-mail me:

Level I Pistol

This course is all about the fundamentals of pistol; grip, sight alignment/ sight picture, trigger press, follow through and basics of holster draw. Safe gun handling, workspace use, safety etiquette is also covered. Common malfunctions, loading/ unloading of pistol, range commands and terminology. Beginners and more experienced shooters welcome.


Level II Pistol

If you have taken a Level I course or equivalent and are looking to continue building on the mechanics of pistol in depth then this course is for you. The fundamentals are reviewed after an assessment of the collective skill level. We work on efficiency of re-loads, solving malfunction issues, strong hand and off hand shooting, accuracy up to 25 yards, target transition work and other drills that add layers to the course.


Level III Pistol

The fundamentals of pistol do not change no matter if movement is added, positions on the ground or moving around obstacles. This course will challenge your ability to utilize solid pistol mechanics while incorporating drills that build through out the course. Must have solid safety and ability to draw from the holster to attend. Students can expect to get dirty from ground positions on gravel, knee pads optional.

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The theme of this course is empowering women and inspired by the owner of Bellatrix. Stephanie has had many careers over her working years, she has overcome personal challenges that would flatten many. Being a strong female role model, a single Mother running a firearms training business, after going through divorce after a 16 year marriage... She has stories to share, tips and tools on how to overcome challenges and make empowered decisions for yourself as a women in today's society. This course is 3 days, with 1.5 hour sessions, it will be recorded so if you cannot attend the live events you will still have access to the recording. If you are feeling stuck in your life in any capacity and are looking for inspiration, direction or drive to move forward and make changes then this webinar is for you.

Stephanie will share many personal experiences that she learned valuable lessons from, so that you can gain understanding on navigating  your own life. You will learn about her journey to embracing all parts of who she is, the warrior, mother and the feminine woman. You will be able to interact and ask questions the last 20-30 minutes of each of the 3 sessions. 

There will be journal prompts and exercises provided with deep questions you can ask yourself at the end of each session. This course will help you find direction in your own life, empower you to take charge of your future. These sessions will bring healing to those who attend, each of these sessions will be unique as they are done live with attendees. 

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