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The Woman Behind Bellatrix Training


Stephanie McGanty is the owner and instructor at Bellatrix Training LLC. Her background is in sales, public speaking and marketing. She resides in the Willamette Valley in Oregon,  primarily trains in the PNW region.  She is an avid outdoorswoman, loves spending time in nature and being on the back of a horse. Stephanie is a mother to two amazing girls whom she raises from a preparedness mindset. She is also specializes in helping women see their own inner strength, empowering them to take charge of their life and personal safety.


She has been training with top tier instructors in the tactical shooting world the last 8 years and is building her own knowledge base continuously. Stephanie has assisted under several well-known instructors, she guest taught for Fieldcraft Survival in the summer of 2021 in the Women's Self Defense courses. She has also competed occasionally in USPSA, trained 40+ hrs with a division 2 GM in USPSA in the last year. Her passion is teaching others, helping them build a solid base in the fundamentals of handgun and helping women believe in themselves. 

Stephanie has several mentors in the tactical community with backgrounds in special forces, LEO, SWAT who instruct both law enforcement and civilians. Her training focus has been from a self protection mindset, so she loves shooting with gunfighters. Stephanie's mission, purpose and mindset is to help more women become proficient with handgun. To empower more women to be strong, resilient, brave, confident and safe with firearms. 

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